About: Who, What, Why

I. Words… I have a strong appetite for them and rest often in reflection. Penning those words feels like worship; a way of savoring, and laying down, as in offering, the substance of life’s conversations with God. Some are whispers heard in contemplation of life and scripture, others the thunderous proclamations of natural beauty. Some are questions – held out in cautious degrees of open hand. I am NOT a theologian; so I frequently ask those who are students of theology to do a ‘taste test’ for truthfulness and accuracy.

II: My Categories

Landscapes: I’d like my words to be the palm of a hand, pushing back the curtain, to offer someone (you?) a different view of God.

Grief: Aaaah, some of this is hard earned.

Hope: And some of it arrived on a silver platter of love.


III. My goal is to facilitate personal reflection or small retreat, by providing reflection prompts, or gathered topical content.