30 Days in Gennesaret: Day 6 In the Weeds

I am here, Jesus

tripped, in the weeds,

caught on a pricker

starting to bleed.


My friends were helping

pointing the way

but when I fell

they all ran away


I suppose you know

Just how that feels

Restore me, Sweet  Jesus

Find me today.

jfig   3/2020


Dear Friend, So many times in the journey of faith, I have gotten lost.  For a moment – or for days. Precious moments go by, as I try to pick myself up, dust myself off, fix my appearance, so that no one will know I am hurting. But Jesus does not seem to care about appearances. What he seems to welcome is the offering of honesty. When I entrust Jesus with the painful truth, it is then that he changes me. And his artistry is always better than mine.

Jesus, I’m grateful that you are powerful to heal and humble to invite, the likes of me into community with you. Amen

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