30 Days in Gennesaret: Day 16 Market Mayhem

Did the street dance

the stones cry out

in wonder- when Jesus

swept through town?


Did booth poles shake

paradigms shift

conversations gape

following Him?

assorted color clothes display on street
Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on Pexels.com


Did society’s fabric

hang slightly askew?

The pharisees came

wouldn’t you…


Did barley and lentils

make confetti like rain

when boys and girls

were whole again?

kid s green floral sleeveless top
Photo by Sankalpa Joshi on Pexels.com


Did spinners handing

their flax and wool

wonder what magic

their fringes might hold,

if Jesus came back their way?


Did butchers and bakers

dance a jig,

the farmers juggle

olives and figs



Were tables upended

and beggars crowned

the day that Jesus

came to town?


Did some leave their posts

never look back

drop tools and trades

for different ‘gold’?

person molding pot
Photo by Korhan Erdol on Pexels.com


Was the richest perfume

in market that day

joy that flowed

from Healer’s grace?


Did the stones cry out

and tradesmen rumble

doves coo

and old men wonder

Will Jesus come back our way?


jfig     4/2020

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